We provide unique and competitive advice, balanced with commercial realities and legal practicalities.

Whether related to Government regulatory bodies, resource owners, traditional house of chiefs and customary law within the resources sector or the development of compliance programs, our team takes a proactive approach helping our clients to plan and execute business strategies that minimise the risk of disputes in the future. We understand inter-relationship between the resource owners, its traditional leaders, the Government and how that is balanced to our client’s advantage. We work for you to ensure you survive the competition.


  • Understanding the underlying traditional etiquette and practices on the resource area, the stakeholders and customary law applicable.
  • Risk assessments and Developing and implementing compliance programs
  • Competition law and policy
  • Litigation and dispute resolution


  • Successfully securing telecommunication, prospecting, and mining licenses while representing our client against competitors.

When it matters you can rely on Whitlam K Togamae Lawyers

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