Solomon Islands politics is fluid. Government changes and authorities are not stable in decision making, and every turn of the corner has challenges.

This, however, will only be the case, if you do not understand the culture/customs, and know the extent of literacy the leaders have in terms of your business. In fact, we argued it is not as unstable as you may imagine or feared.

We provide leading advice on Corporate CEO, Manager and Directors on Sovereign risk management and navigate the terrain of doing business in the Solomon Islands.  We know the terrain and the local thresholds. We speak the language as understood by decision-makers. With the experience across the pacific and been over the same challenges across wide spectrum businesses, this is an area, which if not properly handled will result in costly litigations, and disappointments. We ensure investors risks are minimized.


  • We have lead teams in establishing major telecommunications, forestry and mining companies successfully in the Solomon Islands.

When it matters you can rely on Whitlam K Togamae Lawyers

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