Investment in the Solomon Islands itself is a huge undertaking and challenges are frequent. Challenges are multi-front and in most cases are unexpected. Solomon Island is a multi-cultural society, and challenges will be unexpected for those who failed to understand the people. We are at the fore front of this practice. We are experienced on the ground, in getting the Job done.

Whitlam specializes in both commerce and litigation in the Solomon Islands. Familiar in conversion of Customary land to Perpetual Estates for purposes of mining, telecommunications, tourism and other commercial enterprising involving customary landowners, and lands. Leasing, and fixed term estate negotiations, registration and taxation. We know, which process to have a faster, cheaper and fairer way to secure mining interests, be it letter of intent or prospecting license under land laws or the mining laws. We are also heavily involved in historic mining litigations in the Solomon Islands.

Whitlam experienced in international leasing for mining company, communications, fisheries and project role outs. This includes securing central Bank of Solomon Islands permits for foreign currency trading, conduct tax assessment, application for tax exemption and other commercial documents. Drafting of charges and mortgages, making sure debts are secured under the new secured transactions Act of Solomon Islands. We’ve represented major international finance companies and successfully landed such machineries in the Solomon Islands both in the mining and communications industries.

Our law firm is professionally staffed with 8 solicitors, and support staffs. Well connected to Australian Solicitors & Barristers. For natural resources, we know how to get you to the resource, harvest, and exporting the same. It does not stop there, but also to guide and protect you once you run to major problems on your project or development.

Whitlam is a graduate of University of Papua New Guinea with Bachelor of Law with Honors, and Master of Laws with University of the South Pacific Law school. He is from Gurena Village, Ysabel Province.