A female legal practitioner in Natural Resource law in the Solomon Islands is rare. Rinah Harry Mark is but one of those rare young lady legal practitioners you will come across.

She has been involving and working mainly in the area of mining, land, forestry, company and wills, probate and conveyance, contract and commercial law. In the mining sector, Ms. Mark is involved with mining companies in litigation and commercial.

She leads the legal team in talking and explaining to the resource owners resulting the successful execution of surface Access Agreement in Central Ysabel tenement for Bintan Mining SI Ltd. This has played a major role in the application and granting of the mines and minerals board prospecting license to the mining company. Not only that, but she leads the legal team covering the Central San Jorge Tenement, in Ysabel. This results the granting of second prospecting license for Bintan Mining in San Jorge. She knows the legal language that the resource owners understand. A rare but effective practice of law suited to the circumstances of Solomon Islands. A trait most developer overlooked in most of their adventures investment in the Solomon Islands.

She leads investigation team down to Renell mining representing resource owners and trustees in mining related litigations. She drafted community development agreements, surface access agreements, not only in the mining sector, she also do litigations land and forestry law mainly registration and other dealings and logging and wills, probate and conveyance engaging in the process of transferring of title, contract and commercial law. Ms. Mark also does drafting mainly pleadings, contracts and agreements, due diligence, reports, vetting and settling of documents, negotiation, litigation and public speaking. In major mining litigations, she provides support to Australian lawyers before the Courts of Solomon Islands.

Ms. Mark is graduate from the University of the South Pacific Law School, Bachelor of Laws. She hails from Isabel and Malaita Provinces. She is admitted as a solicitor and barrister before the High Court of Solomon Islands.