Solomon Island is slow, and most people consider time as non essential. This attitude affects every sector of public and private in the Solomon Islands. There are however exceptions to that. Peter is one of those exceptions. He gets things done, timely and professionally.

He once was a best mooter awardee and ranked advocate student at the law school, University of South Pacific and has ever since, gained momentum in the practice of law in the Solomon Islands. He was an active legal practitioner in maritime and mining litigation involving MV Solomon Trader, who was loading raw bauxite at Rennel and run aground “the biggest wrecked ship since world war II”. Prior to that, he also was leading practitioner on wrecked vessel claims.

He leads the litigation team within the firm on its maritime cases, both local and international cases involving multi international parties. This ranges from lien enforcement to environmental related maritime claims. On a brief stint, he become the chairman of Disciplinary committee of Isabel Development Company, a leading shipping company in Solomon Islands. From time to time, he continues to render that assistance.

He supports overseas counsel that flew in and provides solicitor work for them. He also does commercial and litigation on Forestry, land and mining developments.

His interests are on Admiralty, land and probate, and Natural resources law. He is a believer in Private developer of infrastructures than state monopolizations. Peter is from Ligara Village, Gao District, Isabel Province, Solomon Islands. He is a graduate of University of South Pacific Law school, Bachelor of Laws and Commerce.