Joses Duddley practice in labor issues and complaints before the Trade Dispute panel. He leads all litigation defenses before the Trade Dispute Panel. He also is the leading practitioner for all Telecommunications Communications law within our firm both commerce and litigations. All companies that got litigated by their former employees have their back covered by Joses Duddley. Joses also practice in land and Forestry law, both commerce and litigations.

If there is one thing that excites Joses, it got to be enforcement of Judgement. He is the cops within the firm. He has extensive experience in enforcement of Judgment. In the Solomon Islands, chasing down a debtor is the most difficult part in litigations. Judgment debtors are difficult to get, and in light of limited resources within the enforcement agencies of the state, this is a tough call. This interest of Joses comes with no surprises, he is the President of Solomon Islands Martial Arts Association and also an instructor in Taekwondo martial arts, 3rd dan Black belt.

Joses is a graduate of University of South Pacific Law school, Bachelor of Laws, and is from Choiseul Province, Solomon Islands.